Key facts

Duration: 2 years full-time

ECTS: 120

Start Date: October 2014

Location: Vigo Campus

Centre: Faculty of Biology. University of Vigo

Coordinator: Professor Mª Jesús Iglesias Briones  +34 986 812 584

Administrative Support (registration enquires): Esther Álvarez Rodríguez   +34 986 812 557

Entry Requirements

1) To register in this Master will be necessary either to hold a Spanish official University degree or a certificate issued by a Higher Education Institution from another EU state member.

2) In addition, Graduate students could access from educational systems outside the European Union only after verification by the University of Vigo that those titles are equivalent to the corresponding Spanish official University degrees and entitle the applicant for access to postgraduate education. This way of access by no means implies the approval or the recognition of the original title for any further purposes other than that of accessing a Master’s degree at the University of Vigo.

Each application will be evaluated based on the following information, which must accompany the application form:

a. Curriculum vitae of the applicant, indicating any previous University degree and training.

b. Optionally, there will be one (or more) interviews (in person and/or through video conferencing or email). The purpose of the interviews is to assess the personal characteristics of the applicant in terms of their income profile and the adequacy of their interests to the work profiles of the academic staff involved in this Master.

Application and Registration Calendar

Master application-registration calendar

master application-registration calendar

Registration deadline

First pre-registration period: June 27 to July 3, 2014
Second pre-registration period: August 27th to September 3, 2014

Documentation required

  • DNI, NIE, ID or Passport.
  • Certificate of previous University degree or Higher Education studies
  • A brief CV.

The Academic Commission will review the documents and may request a personal interview.

Application online


The cost of each ECTS 31.26€ in the first application period and 38.54€ in the second application period.

Part-time enrollment

In addition to full-time registration there is the possibility of part-time enrollment with a minimum of 30 ECTS per academic year once admitted in the Master.