The general outline of MSc programme is shown below; it comprises 120 credits in total distributed between two academic years (60 ECTS each one). Credits are assigned according to the European Credit Transfer System. During the first year students will have to follow four general courses (Basic Module, 12 ECTS) on basic tools for designing and performing experimental protocols, analysing results and elaborating conclusions. During your Elective Component (42 ECTS) you will have the chance to fill in any gaps in your background knowledge by following a specific track:

  1. Molecular Biology for Health and Life Sciences
  2. Environmental Sciences
  3. Bioinformatics and Computational Biology
  4. Green-Industries Management

You may choose to follow courses from different tracks, however if you take less than 4 courses (24 ECTS) from any of those listed above your Master degree will include no mention to any specialisation.

Applied training to acquire the professional knowledge, required to become an autonomous biologist, is an integral component of the MSc programme in Biological Sciences. The programme offers a good number of opportunities to apply for External Practicum (6 ECTS) through accredited research laboratories and industrial settings.

The main part of the second year consists of one major project (Mandatory Major Project 48 ECTS), in which you will acquire advanced knowledge on different methodologies and techniques under the guidance of experienced experts to fulfil your professional requirements and possibly to gain a better position on the job market. External projects conducted in a non-university institute require prior approval by the Academic Committee.

Finally, all students need to carry out a MSc’s thesis (12 credits) which should present an original argument that is carefully documented from primary and/or secondary sources. You may choose to use it to extend the MMP and therefore, the topic may be related to your major project, but you may also choose a totally different topic. As the final element in the master’s degree, the thesis gives the student an opportunity to demonstrate expertise in the chosen area.

Both projects are finished with a written report and an oral presentation.

Master outline




Year 1

Basic module


Elective module


External Practicum


Year 2

Mandatory Major Project


Master’s Thesis



BASIC MODULE  (mandatory)  (12 ECTS) (Click on the links to download the teaching guides)


ELECTIVE MODULE (42 ECTS) (Click on the links to download the teaching guides)

Track 1. Molecular Biology for Health and Life Sciences


Track 2. Environmental Sciences (Click on the links to download the teaching guides)


Track 3. Bioinformatics and Computational Biology (Click on the links to download the teaching guides)


Track 4. Green-Industries Management (Click on the links to download the teaching guides)


Practicum Regulation External Training Regulations (BOE) Practicum Regulations UVIGO Entities with agreement for practicum  

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