Mar 25

Successful start of the MBS Lectures Round

Last March 7th began the lectures’ round of the MSc in Biological Sciences, aiming to present this new Masters degree from the University of Vigo. This degree is designed to provide students with practical knowledge in health, environmental sciences, computational biology and Biotechnology.  These four topic blocks are structured in four academic pathways that form the core of this degree, to be conducted for the very first time during the academic year 2014/2015. Four different conferences have been selected for this round, each serving to present these four pathways. The opening lecture of the round, as presentation of the environmental part of the degree, was run by Professor Elisabeth Boulding from the University of Guelph (Canada) entitled “Marine Ecological Genomics in Canada and Spain: Selection by big waves and lazy crabs”. The second lecture of the round took place  on March 12th and was held by Jose Tubío PhD, from the Cancer Genome Project; WellcomeTrust Sanger Institute (Cambridge, UK). It was entitled “Cancer Retrotransposition”and served as presentation of the Computational biology part. All lectures in the round will count with the presence of a member of the master’s academic committee, who will make a brief introduction.


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